Here are a few things clients and realtors had to say after working with Matt.

"It is not often that one finds such a kind and warm person in home inspections and we feel very privileged to have you inspect our new home. Thank you."
-Shiv and Sileen, Home Buyers

"Matt conducted a home inspection for us last year. It was our first home, so, needless to say, we were a little bit nervous. After a year of living in the house, we now can see just how thorough he was. His report not only gave us leverage to negotiate a better purchase price, but we now use it as a to-do list to fix things up. No surprises and peace of mind, we can't thank Matt enough."
-Jon and Theresa, Home Buyers

"Matt saved us from a potentially catastrophic foundation problem. Although no cracks or other damage was evident, the use of a non-standard material was a seemingly trivial curiosity that hid a huge potential problem. He was quick to consult with an expert in the field to discuss the situation and outline both potential problems and mitigation techniques.
During the inspection review, I appreciated how clearly Matt was able to differentiate between items we should keep an eye on versus problems that really necessitated immediate action. Knowing that the older houses we love always seems to have a plethora of issues, his explanation of each item helped us easily prioritize items instead of being overwhelmed."
-Jeff and Raminta, Home Buyers

"I was impressed with Matt's knowledge, responsiveness, and attention to detail. With my inspection, he produced a comprehensive, thorough report which gave me an accurate picture of the current house condition."
-Sue, Home Buyer

"Matt did a really thorough inspection job, pointing out positive things, potential issues to look for, and problem areas needing more immediate attention. The detailed report was easy to understand, and included helpful pictures of the actual issues to keep an eye on. He was punctual and professional, but still personable, and really understood the concerns that come with being a homeowner. I would recommend Matt to anyone needing a home inspection."
-Monica, Home Owner

"As a realtor focused on inner Northeast, Southeast and North Portland, I have come to absolutely depend on a home inspector that can do 2 things. 1st, they must be able to navigate an old, many times remodeled home with an eye for what "should be" and answer "how did that happen?" And 2nd,they must be able to communicate those findings with a client, who often doesn't understand the first thing about wet basements, roof flashing, oil tanks or 1920's concrete vs. 1960's concrete. Matt Hopkins consistently handles both tasks, with every client, very well. I can trust that my client is well informed and ready to move forward with their job; determining whether this is the right house for them."

"Matt of Hopkins Home Inspection has been an absolutely awesome resource for my clients. As a realtor, it is important that my clients have access to home inspectors who are incredibly thorough and also down-to-earth enough to explain in layman's terms the situations which are encountered. All of my home buying clients who have chosen to work with Matt Hopkins have been happy with their decision and have left their inspections feeling very well educated and well informed. In my opinion, he is by far one of the best home inspectors out there."


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